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Why Does Time Pass Quicker Every Year?

Updated: Feb 19

As we slowly acclimate to the new year, one question always lingers - Why does it feel like time passes quicker every year? More importantly, how can we feel more in control of how our time is spent?

We live in an age where our day-to-day is orientated towards future moments. We spend our mornings thinking about the workday ahead, and we spend our work hours thinking about the week, month, or year to come.

The corporate lifestyle can become mundane.

When we think back to our childhood, however, it was filled with endless fascination. So, what’s changed since then?

Children experience something new every day. The element of newness that they experience invites conscious learning and a higher level of interest in the tasks at hand.

Growing older means that the newness attached to experiences is removed, especially as our daily tasks become necessary but not compelling. Sooner rather than later, our days, months, and years are defined by set routines that are second-nature to us. The corporate world makes workers feel like they don’t own their time.

However, all hope is not lost. Starting today, I encourage you to think of ways to live consciously.

Direct your energy from passively moving through life to making purposeful decisions. Think of ways to make your time meaningful. Make intentional choices that speak to your values, and what you believe in!

Here are some suggestions from the LULA team:

1. Listen to some podcasts when you get ready for work - you could learn something new every day!

2. Lessen your carbon footprint by finding more sustainable ways to move around the city.

3. Finally commit to prioritising exercise into your schedule. When I am feeling discouraged by this, I remind myself that being healthy is a mindset!

4. Be productive on your commute to work. Check your emails, or even use this time to journal!

Earning back your time is a conscious choice! Change your ways, and make it happen.

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