Your Essential Services & Goods Provider!


Need to get your employees to work in a safe, reliable way? Need to have some goods collected or delivered? Look no further, LULA is at your service!

We keep our vehicles safe

With limited transport options available, essential service workers are potentially putting themselves and their loved ones at risk through their commute.

medical-mask (1).png
Drivers & vehicles are COVID19 Compliant

Our drivers are equipped with PPE equipment and have hand sanitizer in the ride

Social Distancing is a priority

Whilst we love to share rides, we ensure vehicles operate at up to 70% capacity as per government regulation

ZERO Contact policy

We apply a zero contact policy, and encourage drivers, passengers and parcels not to connect during this time period

If you work in the healthcare, retail and essential services sector, and need to have your goods delivered or collected; or you need a safe, sustainable and reliable ride for your employees, click the button below and we'll have you up and running in less than 24 hours!