5 Top ways to help you navigate through traffic and congestion in Gauteng

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Over the past year, we have had little to occasionally no traffic on our roads. This is largely attributed to by the COVID-19 pandemic, the various stage of lockdown and the fact that many people are working from home.

In the past few weeks however, with lockdown restrictions easing and the opening of public schools, traffic and congestion has been on the rise and commuters have to leave home earlier to make it to their destination on time. We all know traffic leads to two things - boredom and frustration. However, there are ways to make traffic less agonising and more enjoyable here are our top five ways to do just that.

5 Top ways to beat traffic and improve your commute

1. Find communal transportation options

Well traffic is exhausting but even more is having to go through it all by yourself. We all know things are all better done in groups as we all wouldn’t mind having good company, safety, so we can focus on doing other things together. LULA offers ridesharing options that make transportation almost seamless. Find out about our Safe. Convenient. Company Ride Sharing solutions today.

2. Leave earlier!

Now I know I do not just speak for myself but waking up early can be a drag for anyone! So set any alarm, sleep earlier and get yourself prepared the night before, then wake up and leave earlier. Sadly, traffic congestion doesn’t only occur at peak hours, it could occur in the middle of the day while on your way to a very important client meeting Fourways! So plan in advance, and leave early!

3. Know your destination

Research on traffic behaviour, notes that an average of 30% of traffic is people cruising for a parking space. Don’t be a part of this 30%. Before your trip, take some time to determine your destination and navigate straight to it. Or forget about parking and get dropped off by one of our professional drivers when you book a ride for you and your friends with LULA’s charter solution.

4. Keep moving

You’re eating, you’re changing the station, song, or podcast. Avoid the negative consequences of all this by using your cruise control. This way, you’ll avoid the natural slowdown that occurs when we shift our focus.

5. Stress less with LULA

It’s not necessarily the time of the commute that causes us stress, it’s the unpredictability of the time. If you thought you were in for a 30-minute drive, but it ends up being 60 minutes, it could understandably leave you quite frustrated! Reduce your stress levels with a leading and reliable charter company like LULA.

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