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Updated: Aug 30, 2021

For decades, both South Africa’s urban and rural population grew almost in parallel, with the rural population being slightly larger than the urban. This changed in 1987, when urban dwellers became the majority, resulting in a rapid population growth in South Africa’s cities. This means that the mobility and accessibility needs of commuters have increased over the years as businesses in cities and towns alike grow at a rapid rate.

This results in employees constantly being faced with commuting woes and frustrations as they will often struggle with unreliable public transport and hours of sitting in traffic. This in turn, leads to productivity issues in your company. Whether your employees are taking the bus or relying on their own car to arrive to work safely, you could eliminate many transport-related problems simply by offering your employees a reliable transport system like LULA.

Why LULA is Better Than Other Modes of Transport

Queues: Buses/taxis vs. LULA

When using public transportation like a taxi or bus, you generally need to arrive at the rank 1–2 hours prior to your appointment, to ensure you can get there on time. This often results in morning fatigue and low productivity levels during the most important hours of the day. There are also no set routes, maps, or timetables to reference. This means that employees can never be 100% certain if they will make it to work on time as it’s always touch-and-go.

LULA, however, is designed to ease the stress and put the safety of riders and drivers first. With the ridesharing system, pickups and drop-offs are door-to-door. Your employees can wait for their LULA in the comfort of their home or office building, which means no long queues or having to wake up super early only to go wait in line. They get to enjoy a stress-free daily commute.

Safety: Public transport vs. LULA

Taxi ranks and bus stops generally are not the safest of areas, especially for women. When walking around the CBD, women are at risk of not only being pickpocketed but of being sexually harassed by men who make them feel uncomfortable by whistling, hooting or uttering inappropriate words. When this happens to women, it’ almost guaranteed that they will get to work feeling upset, thus affecting productivity.

Comparatively, LULA drivers are trained and handpicked by the LULA team. All drivers attend extensive training and are given constructive feedback monthly for continuous improvement. Your employees, both men and women alike, will be in safe hands with our LULA- certified drivers. Plus, employees will ride with their fellow colleagues or with commuters from neighbouring companies, making it an even more pleasant and safe ride.

Cost-saving: 4x4 Masihlalisane vs. LULA

In Johannesburg, to travel from one area to the next, you generally need to take 2 taxis – no matter how close your destination is. This leads to you paying more than you should, and more time than necessary on the road. Also, you will have the important job of counting the money and woe betide if you come up short should you sit at the front. Taxi drivers have been known to turn back to the rank because their money was R5 short! For the employees who have their own transport, driving to work means having to always ensure they have petrol and money for parking costs

As a high-end shuttle service for the corporate commuter, LULA offers a service that is not only safe and comfortable but also affordable. When using LULA, your employees get to and from work when other forms of transport might not be available, whether that’s due to strikes, the time of day or the location of the office. As the employer, you also have more control over the times employees arrive and leave work, which ensures you get the most out of them.

Drivers: Bus/Taxi drivers vs. LULA-verified drivers

When using public transport, there is no way of verifying who the driver of the taxi or bus is. There is no certainty about whether background checks, a look into his/her criminal records or any other records have been conducted. This puts passengers in an unsafe space as there is no way of tracking who the driver is should something happen.

Compared with public transport, the benefits of using LULA are convenience, time-saving, and comfort, which will win the favour of your employees. Thorough background checks, vehicle condition checks, and other strict requirements are in place as requirements for a LULA driver. This strict screening process coupled with a good rating system ensures accountability and better service to all LULA customers.

How LULA Improves Employee Satisfaction

1. Increased Workplace Satisfaction

Mind-blowing fact: The happier your employees, the more successful your company. Happy employees are more creative, innovative, and dedicated compared to their unhappy counterparts. And they’re more likely to stick around long-term. Providing them with reliable transportation can go a long way in attracting and retaining top talent.

2. Stronger Corporate Identity

The overall reputation of your company will be enhanced in the market with more people recognising it as a workplace that truly cares for its employees. Even the employees will get to know each other better because they will be provided with an out of office space where they can communicate better.

3. Improved Productivity

Anyone who sits in hours of traffic every day will understand the anxiety it can cause you. The frustration you feel is a health risk. And the worst part about it is that you don’t always have control over what is happening on the roads. With a shuttle service like LULA, you will be able to offer employees downtime before they arrive at the office. This extra time they save from not sitting in traffic will allow them to prep for work beforehand and be in the right frame of mind before kickstarting the day.

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